Clark County Pilot now in Critical Condition



An official at the University of Louisville hospital tells us that the pilot who crashed in Jasper on Saturday is now in critical condition.

Randy Capehart says Keith Windsor was at St. Vincent until 5:00 p.m. Saturday and was then moved to the University of Louisville Hospital.

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Around 10:45 Saturday, a man piloting a small helicopter crashed in a bean field near 450 North in Jasper. The man escaped with injuries. Neighbors say they didn’t hear the crash, but when they saw the smoke, they knew something went terribly wrong.

“Well, the wife’s in the house. She looked out the back window, she seen the [helicopter] on the ground,” Tony Hoffman said.

“From here you can’t really see what’s all back there and if he’s ok, or if he was still inside the helicopter or anything,” Tony’s daughter Emily Hoffman said.

It’s not everyday someone sees a helicopter crash just beyond your backyard, but when the Hoffmans did, their first reaction was to help. Luckily for 42-year-old Keith Windsor, he made it out before the fire started.

“We actually blocked the flames from the helicopter to the victim, because he couldn’t move anymore, he had lower back pain. We wasn’t gonna touch him,” Hoffman said. “We just told him to lay still, you know. He wanted to keep moving, keep moving; we don’t know what the extent of his injuries are.”

Indiana State Police have a better idea.

“The pilot was airlifted to a hospital in Evansville. He suffered a broken femur, and had a complaint of chest pain. So given the circumstances of the crash, he came away pretty well,” Sergeant Phil Hensley said. “Had this been a deal where he had been trapped inside, this would’ve been a grave situation.”

ISP said Windsor was crop dusting the bean field near the Hoffman home. As to what happened, authorities are unsure.

“Why exactly, we don’t know. The FAA is currently en route to the scene from Indianapolis. They’re gonna be the lead on this investigation,” Sergeant Hensley said.

“You know it wasn’t like he was doing anything crazy, so he didn’t, and when we talked to him, he didn’t know what happened to the plane,” Hoffman said.

Windsor was air lifted to St. Vincent, but the hospital has not yet confirmed his condition.

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