Cody Byrn’s Journey After The Accident

Six months ago, an accident on Highway 41 in Princeton, nearly claimed his life. Emergency responders called it ‘one of the worst accidents they have ever encountered.’

Cody Byrns, says that day in May changed his life forever. Tonight he goes back to the place where it all happened. He says he doesn’t remember much from that day but, when, Cody Byrns, travels over that spot, he says it’s a feeling he cant describe, coming so close to death, he’s thankful everyday to be alive.

He looks out to the road to a strip of Highway 41 in Princeton, Indiana. Twenty-three year old, Cody Byrns, remembers the day that changed his life. “It’s just devastating to think all of this happened on an ordinary day, that I had no idea,” says Byrns. Memories fill this highway tonight in November, of what happened six months ago. “It’s just been absolutely devastating to wake up in a hospital bed, and you get told that you were on life support for a whole month. A month of your life was already gone, and you have no idea,” says Byrns.

On May 31st, driving home from Vincennes, he stopped at a light. A box truck going full speed plowed into the back of Byrn’s Dodge Durango. His truck exploded, leaving his body trapped inside surrounded by flames. Emergency responders thought Cody was dead, but suddenly he moved his hands, and the fight for his life began. “It was just shocking to see that I really went through an accident and my seat was the only seat, it barely was there, but it was the only seat that was left in it. It still just amazes me,” says Byrns.

Those who know him say, Cody Byrns, knows how to keep a smile through anything, spending his life as a professional comedian, clown, juggler, and minister. Consider this: thirty percent of his body was burned, he spent a month on life support, and received no word from the man whose truck hit him. “He’s not reached out in any way, shape, or form,” he says. Byrns perseveres through even the toughest battles. “Probably one of the hardest things was to get up in rehab, and look at the mirror, and see what it had done to my body.”

His life changed by this road, but his future lies on the road ahead.

Byrns says he still goes to Indianapolis for therapy once a week. Though he doesn’t know how long it will take, he hopes to get back to doing the things he loves most, juggling and ministering.

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