Vanderburgh County residents finally get to voice their concerns over a controversial development proposal on the west side. The organization called Growing Responsibly on University Parkway, or GROUP, made a short presentation tonight during the County Commission meeting.  You may remember last month the group was given only two minutes to state their concerns over the renewed University Parkway development project.  Tonight, GROUP asked that officials and the community work together to map out an overall plan that everyone can agree on.

“That’s really what we’re here about tonight,” said Stan Blaszczyk, “is to look at the rest of the parkway and say we need an overly plan for the entire parkway. And so that everybody knows what we’re doing. So everybody including developers are up front, and they know what’s expected of them and how we go about doing this.”

The group says the same concerns remain today as they did back in 2009 when neighbors fought a rezoning proposal known as “Majestic Place.” The project was eventually put aside.