OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – The Daviess County Animal Care and Control was in a tight spot when it found the shelter had sprung a leak.

Due to the recent winter storm, water pipes burst on Saturday at the shelter leaving a mess to be cleaned up. The shelter reached out on Facebook asking for help from the community.

“If anyone has a couple hours to help clean, walk dogs, dishes, laundry etc. We could really use the help.”

After not having water for two days, officials say the shelter was a mess, cages needing serious cleaning. The community stepped up to the challenge with many volunteers coming out to help clean the shelter up.

“A sincere Thank you to all the staff and volunteers that helped clean up the shelter today. It’s been a difficult few days but the shelter is clean and animals are warm! So many that missed getting their picture taken today. It was organized chaos today.”

You can see pictures of the volunteers at the shelter below.