MOUNT CARMEL, IL. (WEHT)- A veteran who passed away from cancer this past weekend is receiving a final farewell from the Mount Carmel, IL community.

72-year-old Charles Wall Sr. passed away on Sunday after battling cancer. Wall served in the United States Navy between 1969 and 1971. He served in the Vietnam War and was stationed in Hawaii. Wall helped the Flagman’s Mission Continues put flags out to honor another veteran several years ago. He reached out to them four years ago after finding out his cancer was terminal.

“You do not say no to a fellow veteran,” says Jeff Hastings, the CEO and President of the non-profit.

Hastings answered the call and brought his crew to Mount Carmel to set up flags. The group took turns digging holes and sticking flags into the ground. Volunteers were able to set up over 500 flags, lining a part of the procession route. It begins at Heartland Worship Center and stretches to Wabash Valley College. Volunteers also put up flags at Friendsville Cemetery.

Wall’s family says this was their dad’s last wish.

“This is one thing he asked for. He loved seeing all of the flags up for a different funeral. He always said this is what he wanted,” the family says.

Wall will receive military honors. The funeral is scheduled for 11 Thursday morning. The non-profit is asking for help in taking down the flags at 2 pm.