OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Empty Bowls Owensboro has been awarded $5,000 to make more happen in the community. Empty bowls has a chance to double that donation with community support.

EM Ford Insurance was awarded the money through a grant provided by Liberty Mutual and Safe-Co Insurance. The Make More Happen Award is for their dedication to helping fight food insecurity.

If their featured story on the official make More Happen website receives a combination of 500 votes and comments, their award will increase to $10,000.

Empty Bowls Owensboro says the bowls that drive the project are crafted through teamwork from local potters and the city.

“But they’re also made by community members, so we’ll have bowl making events. A lot of the employees here at EM Ford have helped make bowls, and Brescia University, the students over there. So, it’s a collaborative effort,” said Tina Taylor, the Chairperson for the organization.

The Empty Bowls event will take place on Oct. 26, at the Riverpark Center.

Voting to help Empty Bowls raise the donation, begins on September 12th. The link to cast your vote can be found here.