Conditions at McLean Co. Cemetery Worry Residents

Tri-Staters headed to cemeteries to pay their respects, but some residents in McLean County say the condition of one cemetery is disrespectful to them and their loved one buried there.

Those complaints include damaged tombstones, which they say aren’t being fixed.

Oak Hill Cemetery, the final resting place for many, like Claudia Marie Willis. But Cathy Cameron says what she recently saw at her niece’s resting place left her restless.

“It took my sister two years to pay for that stone, and it’s already on the ground,” she says.

Cameron says her neighbor first spotted her tombstone on the ground.  

“My sister’s suffered enough,” says Cameron. “We felt totally disrespected that they would knock it over, leave it there, and somebody would pick it up.”

And it was one of several she says has been disrespected.

“There’s stones that are fallen over, stones that are about to fall over, stones that are crooked, or leaning,” says Cameron.

Cameron and other relatives say more needs to be done to preserve Oak Hill, to keep it in a more respectful state.  She adds some of the damage was done by someone mowing the grass here.  But cemetery care takers, who declined to go on camera, say they do the best they can to keep it in good shape, including using their own money to pay for damages to tombstones, and frequently mowing grass.

“Someday you’re going to be here. Is this how you want people to remember you?” Cameron asks.

While the tombstone for her niece is back up, Cameron hopes more people can help keep this hill peaceful for the living and the departed.

“People do volunteer work all the time, come out, and help our cemetery. Pick up garbage, pick up dead flowers,” she says.

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