Construction Restarts at Former Peyronnin Construction Site


The site of a new tech center at OCTC, silent for four months, sees activity once again.

Danco Construction workers were at the Industry Innovation Center construction zone today, starting where Peyronnin left off. It is the second of three projects restarting in western Kentucky after the Evansville-based contractor filed for bankruptcy this past January.

As the work restarts at OCTC, so does the excitement.

“We’re excited to have construction resuming,” says OCTC President Dr. Scott Williams. He says Danco workers are starting walkthroughs and evaluations of the site, vacant since Peyronnin filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The building was 30% done when work stopped.

“We anticipate there will be an additional walk through to look at it, because its been idle for four weeks, make sure nothing is deteriorated and can be pulled back to quality so we can move forward,” says Dr. Williams, adding if the four month delay didn’t happen, work could have been more than halfway done.

It’s the second project Danco took over in Owensboro.  Last month, the contractor restarted work at the International Bluegrass Music Center downtown.  City Attorney Ed Ray says the project is now more than a quarter completed, with workers going as long as ten hours a day, trying to make up for lost time.

“There are always things that can come in to play. Weather can really make a difference in getting a construction project done on time. But I am confident that the schedule Danco has submitted to us completes the project as originally bid, and we’re looking forward to that,” Ray says. He adds they’re still hopeful to have the music center done before the end of this year.

Despite the delay, Williams says they’re still on track to take control of the new center next January.

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