Controversial Abortion Bill Moves to Indiana Governor Pence


A controversial abortion bill in Indiana advances out of the legislature, and is now on the way to Governor Mike Pence for consideration.

The bill requires pregnant women to obtain informed consent for an abortion in a private setting.

Women must also be given the opportunity to view fetal ultrasound images and hear the heartbeat at least 18 hours before the abortion is performed, but that is not all.

The bill states a woman can’t get an abortion because of the baby’s gender, ethnicity or a diagnosed developmental disorder like down syndrome.

It would be considered a civil rights violation to abort a fetus due to a disability diagnosis.

The bill also regulates how the fetal remains are handled.

The bill passed the House 60 to 40.

Tri-State Representatives Wendy McNamara, Gail Riecken and Holli Sullivan voted against the bill.

It would become law if Governor Pence signs it.

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