CDC says COVID-19 does not spread easily via surfaces

Coronavirus Watch

INDIANAPOLIS — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says close contact with other people is the main way COVID-19 is transmitted. The virus does not spread as easily on surfaces or objects.

“It is still a potential that those surfaces can spread COVID as well, but you are looking at having to touch a contaminated surface and then having to touch your face either your mouth, your nose or your eyes,” explained Riley Hospital for Children Infection Prevention Director Adam Karcz

Michelle Waitt from Cicero Indiana said she didn’t know what to think when she read this new information at first. She said it has been tough keeping up with the CDC lately.

“Yes, it’s a frustrating thing that the guidance changes,” said Waitt. “What’s more frustrating to me is that as the guidance changes it seems like they pick and choose.”

She was referring to Indiana leaders and what they’ve chosen to open to the public and keep closed so far.

“The kids need to be able to get out and get exercise and play, the heat and the sun is supposed to be good to help prevent this so it just stands reason to me that they should be able to get on the playgrounds and play and enjoy each other,” explained Waitt.

She said she would like to take her grandchildren to a playground but Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box said the state is not there yet.

“If we could, you know, work with our children to continuously clean their hands and keep their hands out of their face but I couldn’t even keep my kids from eating dirt when they were little,” said Box. “So, that’s an issue that we’ve really worked on and I know will come but we are just not at that point yet.”

Waitt doesn’t agree. She thinks people deserve the right to protect their own family at the playground.

“We should be able to take responsibility for ourselves and take the proper precautions,” said Waitt.

Right now, playgrounds aren’t opening in Indiana until stage 5 of the reopening plan.

Karcz said we should listen to health officials’ advice on playgrounds. He doesn’t think the new CDC information should tell us to stop taking any of the suggested precautions, rather ramp up others such as social distancing.

“I think what they wanted to focus on was that close contact is the primary way that this disease has spread based on the information that they have,” said Karcz.

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