INDIANA (WEHT) – Two officials within Indiana’s state government, within the same party, are at odds.

Governor Eric Holcomb is condemning Attorney General Todd Rokita over his comments about the state’s COVID numbers. In an interview with a South Bend CBS station this month, Republican Todd Rokita said he no longer believes any COVID numbers coming out of the state health department. “I don’t believe any numbers anymore. And I’m sorry about that. But they’re political here….This has been politicized since day one. I think we have to focus on whether or not people are dying anymore.”

Republican Eric Holcomb pushed back fiercely, saying that anyone spreading misinformation or disinformation regarding the state’s reporting is just attempting to fan the flames of confusion. “I was stunned and somewhat blindsided by the AG when he said he didn’t trust any info because that hit home. It’s quite serious when you accuse or insinuate anyone of inflating numbers. In my book that’s called fraud.”

Governor Holcomb says if there’s evidence, Rokita should take it to the Inspector General’s office. Governor Holcomb says if anybody has any concerns with the numbers on a state level, or locally, they can reach out to the state health department for clarity.