Poll: Majority of Kentuckians think vaccine benefits outweigh risks

Coronavirus Watch Kentucky

KENTUCKY (WEHT) – According to the latest data from the Vaccines in Kentucky poll conducted by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, seven in ten Kentucky adults think the benefits of vaccines for adults outweighs potential risks.

The poll asked Kentucky adults how much they had heard about the advantages and disadvantages of vaccines for both adults and children. More than four in ten Kentucky adults said they heard a great deal. Four in ten adults said they heard a fair amount and one in ten adults said they heard only a little.

The poll also showed fewer than one in ten had heard nothing at all about the vaccines. Kentucky adults living in rural areas were less likely to report hearing about the vaccines compared to respondents living in suburban or urban counties.

The poll also found a majority of Kentuckians believe the benefits outweigh the risk when it comes to rolling up your sleeves but 26 percent see it the other way around. Similar results were reported when it came to vaccines in children.

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