Coronavirus House Calls 4/10

House Calls

Eyewitness News is continuing to get answers to your questions about COVID-19. We were joined Friday by Dr. David Schultz of Evansville Primary Care.


BB: Lisa from Sturgis, Ky asks can you have it more than once? is there more than one strain of the novel coronavirus?

DS: Right now the current thought process is you will only get this once, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty. We have to see how our antibody response does and how long those antibodies last. It’s the antibodies that gives us memory in our bodies for this particular infection to allow us to amount a secondary response if we get exposed again.

BB: Laverne asks if we are advised to start wearing masks and gloves and there aren’t any in stock, what is one to do?

DS: Certainly I would ask around if some people have extra because they’ve bought extra and a lot of people right now are willing to share but if not you need to make your own. It’s best to use a double layer of fabric and so forth and remember if you’re going to make your own either with a bandanna type then what you would do there is wash it at the end of the day and keep it clean. The other thing is there’s a lot of online resources,processes of how to make your own homemade masks and a lot of these are good and effective at at least reducing the amount of exposure.

BB: We notice numbers are low for children under 10. why is that?

DS: There’s several reasons. First of all we’ve practiced a very excellent job of social isolation and distancing and we know it’s when kids are around other kids that are infected is how it’s going to be spread the fastest but the other thing to consider is the lining of the lungs in kids and the respiratory tract is slightly different than that of the adults and where viruses and bacteria as far as that is concerned attaches itself is often specific to the age so it’s age and then also The amount of isolation and social distancing we’re doing right now with our children.

BB: Rayray asks can you get it from others that are in your family?

DS: Well certainly if you’re around another family member Brad that has this then certainly you’re exposed but if you have another family member that’s living distance away and you’ve not been around that individual for at least 14 days then you cannot catch it from that family member long distance. But if you’ve been around that family member then again you could catch it from that family member that already has it.

BB: I saw this last night research is showing fewer people are heading to the emergency room for heart attack symptoms because of covid 19 fears. What’s your reaction to that?

DS: Certainly the regular medical problems that affect us are still going on we’re still seeing people with COPD also diabetes and we still need to treat those problems if you have chest pain the first thing you should do is take a full 325 mg of aspirin or four baby aspirins call 911 if you’re having chest pain. If you’re not having active chest pains call your physician or go to the emergency room immediately.

BB: Jim asks where could someone go in the tri-state to get prescription for hydroxychloroquine? If you are using that drug..does it have an impact? 

DS: Well certainly hydroxychloroquine which is also known as Plaquenil is being studied right now and we think what it’s doing is hoping the secondary phase of this viral infection from causing its havoc the reason is because it works as an anti-inflammatory in about days 5 to 9 when the viral itself is losing it’s viral load the bodies immune system starts taking over causing pulmonary congestion Believe that this medicine is blocking that action from occurring which is helping recovery efforts and so to find this medicine right now is very difficult and that’s because it’s being used in areas that are being heavily hit like New York and New Jersey.

BB: and I know this is a question I didn’t share with you earlier but I’m sure you’ve got a reaction to it. You know it has been billed this week as the worst week in some peoples lives after seeing what has transpired and we’re at the end of this now going into the Easter weekend how do you think we have come out of this week in particular how much of an impact will that have on what we are the face of the month ahead

DS: well certainly right now everything is being met with optimism around our heartland around our nation and that’s because we have slowed the rate down and we have to be very optimistic and prayerful that that continues hopefully that rate of increase will continue to decline so it levels off and we start seeing fewer cases. But remember there’s over half a million people in America with this infection right now and those could get worse over the next week and I think this week is going to be the week to help determine if we’re going to see a continued decline in additional cases at least the rate of decline should be less and then hopefully be able to learn more about how to keep this virus from taking a person’s life.

BB: Alright Dr. David Schultz thank you for being there for us and you stay healthy too.

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