Coronavirus House Calls 4/22 at 4 p.m.

House Calls

HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Eyewitness News continues to take your questions about coronavirus to local medical professionals.

Dr. Payal Patel-Dovlatabati, an associate professor of public health at the University of Evansville, joined Brad Byrd Wednesday for another segment of Coronavirus House Calls.

BB: Well hello everyone, we are doing well today, we are asking the questions you want answered regarding COVID-19. First question, what are the effects on the body after the virus has receded? How Long does it take your lungs to back to normal or will they? Is there a neurological impact?

PPD: So far with the cases we have seen, the mild cases, there has been no long term impact. Those who were critically ill and had to have ventilators , they could have significant lung damage. We are researching new complications every day with COVID-19. There are some neurological impacts from mild headaches, ranging to lost of consciousness, and even some strokes in some cases.

BB: And speaking of some lasting effects, the Washington Post reports, that doctors are seeing a mysterious blood clot complications that is killing COVID-19 patients, what do you think about that?

PPD: This is a very mysterious complication, people really don’t know why people are having blood clots. We read in the Post, where they were fine in the morning and then passed away in the evening. Pregnant women who are going into cardiac arrest because they have these blood clots that can be in the blood vessels various organs, livers and kidneys and nobody knows why this is occurring. But hopefully we’ll find more information out regarding this soon.

BB: The CDC director says there could be a second possibly worse coronavirus outbreak next winter. How could that happen?

PPD: We have our first phase, and when more restrictions are lifted, and more people will out and about. Again, it’s a virus. it does like the colder weather better. It will probably come back in the fall, winter area, but it’s going to coincide with flu season. So we are going to have a double attack of flu and COVID-19 which could potentially strain resources like hospitals, health care personnel etc. So it’s definitely something to plan for and really take that into account as we move forward into fall and winter.

BB: Now with some meat and poultry plants reporting workers testing positive for Coronavirus. What should you be on the lookout for when grocery shopping?

PPD: Right so it’s important to know that the Coronavirus and doesn’t really survive in meat or even packaging for that matter, because when it’s shipped, it takes a few days to get to the grocery store. So it’s really not a concern. I guess the bigger concern really is that people are being laid off quality of inspection of meat is going to be decreased. So rather than COVID, salmonella, maybe a bigger concern with respect to that.

BB: The one thing that’s always perplexed me when we do go grocery shopping depending on where you shop, you’re picking up several items with your hands obviously to put in your cart. How much time do you have to sanitize your hands? Or should you carry hand sanitizer with you as you’re actually picking up all those items and putting them in the cart?

PPD: Right, I think it’s good to have a strategy. Right I think it’s good to have a strategy. So after you’re done grocery shopping, you put it all in your car, have some hand sanitizer in the car, sanitize those hands. After you get home. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, unload their groceries and then wash your hands again, I think that’s a very good strategy to have.

BB: Thank you. We want to hear from you, if you want to ask our doctors questions, head to our Eyewitness News’ facebook page or you can contact me on my Facebook page and ask your question. We will be right back.

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(This story was originally published on April 22, 2020)

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