INDIANA (WEHT) — On March 6, 2020, COVID-19 made its first appearance in the Hoosier State. Ten days later, Indiana would suffer its first loss to the ever-growing virus. Today, the effects of the pandemic ring clear — 22,000 dead in the state, approaching 1,000,000 dead Americans throughout the country.

While numbers tell a grim story, signs of hope have emerged during the pandemic. The first vaccine doses arrived in the state mid-December. Now, 215 million Americans are fully vaccinated, 3.6 million of which live right here in Indiana.

Within the past several weeks, The CDC has eased back on masking guidelines in the United States. With his signature on a bill, Gov. Holcomb ended the statewide COVID-19 public health emergency that was put in place at the start of the pandemic.

Although light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel, it’s never too late to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Health experts say getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from getting the coronavirus.

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