Life Coach offers advice for those stuck at home

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(WEHT) — For many of us, it’s been weeks since we’ve had a normal routine. On top of that, many are forced to sit at home missing the days of spending time with family and friends.

Certified life coach Kaden James talked to our Brandon Bartlett on how to make time at home more bearable.


Brandon Bartlett: Kaden. Thanks for joining us tonight. Let’s start with advice for those sitting at home and missing all those daily activities that they used to enjoy. There are many things that we can’t do right now. But are there still things that we can do to stay healthy and happy?

Kaden James: Yes, and there’s so many things you can do right now. Especially if we are checking in with ourselves and, you know, diving deep within, we can move we can have great at home workouts, there’s so many free ones available online. And moving is one of the quickest ways that we can change our state. And when we change our state, we just start to feel really good. We start to release serotonin from in our brain into our body, and it just kind of goes throughout the whole day.

Brandon Bartlett: Now for a lot of people, their daily routines of getting up and going to work and going out to eat all of that suddenly changed. Is it still important to have somewhat of a daily routine or daily rituals?

Kaden James:Yes, I believe it’s crucial to have daily routines and I think it’s very important for my clients and for myself to set goals every day. So I believe in setting at least three goals for yourself that you know, by the time you hit that pillow at night, you’re gonna feel really accomplished for having done these few things. And right now it might just be doing the laundry or calling your mom but just doing those things is gonna make you feel so much better throughout the day.

Brandon Bartlett: Yeah, Netflix and quarantine has become a thing. So instead of just sitting on the couch watching Tiger King and Ozark, are there some other things that we can do to take advantage of this downtime that might be more productive?

Kaden James: Yes, well, I think it’s really important that we are consciously consuming content, right? So if we’re watching something, it doesn’t make us feel very good. I think it’s good to ask yourself, how is this making me feel and if it’s not making you feel so good, you know, turn off the TV, go for a walk, there’s books, you can be reading so many things that we can be learning. I’ve been taking up cooking myself, I wasn’t a very good cook. before. But now I’m getting pretty good. It’s a great way to connect with our families. You know, I’ve been asking my mom for different recipes and it’s made me feel a lot more connected to her while I’m not with her physically,

Brandon Bartlett: yeah, a lot of us have been doing more cooking here lately. Now you have studied this and I know that you practice what you preach. You’re in quarantine yourself, what do you do yourself that has really had a positive impact on your life?

Kaden James: So I really try to start my day from a place of peace. So when I first wake up in the morning, I kind of just lay there for a few minutes and just soak in that good feeling from a good night’s rest hopefully, and then I just go through things I’m really grateful for. So I kind of just list out all these things that I’m just really thankful for during this time, and I send love to different friends and family members. And it just really helps me start my day with kind of like this just feeling of love and you know, just being thankful to be here. And you know, can Continue to serve people and be out there. Even just in this capacity.

Brandon Bartlett: Yeah. What about taking the time to get outside a little? And what about food? Can the food we eat actually play a role in helping to make us happy and healthy?

Kaden James: Definitely, food is a major, it’s a major thing, you know, but it’s not that we have to completely go off the rails and go on a crazy diet, you know, we can just add more veggies and fruits into our diet and kind of lead into more healthy eating. And when it comes to the nature, it’s so important to get out, you know, nature is never judging. So when a tree grows in a wild way, it’s not judging itself for it. You know, and at this time, so many of us are judging our experience, right? But when we get out in nature, we just connect with our own essence and we’re able to just completely release that tension, that stress that wishing things were different. We just get to accept what is.”

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