Local hospitals seeing higher amounts of COVID-19 patients

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(WEHT) — As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the U.S sees record hospitalizations and some states, like Illinois, are seeing a record number of cases, Eyewitness News wanted to check hospital capacity in the Tri-State.


Deaconess says it is nearing capacity — but it warns hospital capacity numbers are constantly changing as people are admitted and discharged. Deaconess President Dr. James Porter says in recent days, people being admitted are out-pacing those being discharged.

“To give you some numbers, for a hospital running above 85 to 87 percent capacity starts to cause challenges with having the right beds and get the people out who are leaving in time to have the people who are coming in in a bed, and over the last few days we’re running well into the mid to upper 90’s on our percent occupancy, ” Porter said.

Memorial Hospital in Jasper says over the past couple of weeks, they have and are seeing the highest number of COVID positive cases and hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic. 

“We closely monitor our hospital beds and ventilator availability and at this time have adequate numbers of both available.  However, we are concerned with the continued climbing number of cases seen in the region,” Melanie Powell, director of business development and marketing, said. “We need our community and the region to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to minimize viral transmission.”

Eyewitness News reached out to St. Vincent and Perry Memorial Hospitals, but has not heard back yet.


Owensboro Health and Ohio County Health tell us they have plenty of capacity. Baptist Health has not responded yet.


Fairfield Hospital says it would not give us any details about their capacity.

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