Tri-Staters discuss physical, emotional impact of COVID-19

Coronavirus Watch

You hear the number of new COVID-19 cases reported by local health departments.

Some of those directly impacted by the disease talk about the impact it’s had on their lives.

“My symptoms started on a Tuesday. I woke up with a migraine,” recalled Ashley Allega, who started experiencing the physical symptoms last week. Several days later, a test confirmed she had COVID-19.

“I was trying not to get in my head and think that I had it, but the longer that the time went on, I was convinced that I had it because I wasn’t getting any better,” she said.

Allega says having to quarantine in her bedroom, physically distant from her family, has been as tough as the physical symptoms she’s experienced.

“I started to get a little bit emotional about being away from my kids and not being able to go downstairs while I’m hearing them laugh and play. That’s been pretty tough,” Allega said.

“There’s a lot of emotional toll it takes on other people as well,” adds Dr. Jeremy Luckett of Owensboro, who has first hand knowledge of what the virus does through his patients, and when he tested positive in April.

“I did not have a lot of symptoms at that time. A little chest tightness and a little bit of shortness of breath,” he said, recalling the symptoms he had then. Dr. Luckett also tested positive last month, and has recovered.

“This time, I was much more symptomatic,” he recalled. “I had a lot more cough, a lot more shortness of breath, didn’t have much of a fever.”

He says the virus can also emotionally impact those who’ve never had it.

“Even folks that have not had to experience the illness itself, there’s a whole lot more depression, anxiety, all the rest of that going on, particularly with my older patients that are very afraid to get out,” says Dr. Luckett.

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(This story was originally published on November 10, 2020) 

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