The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office arrests a couple early Saturday morning after fight breaks out at a Denny’s. 

A deputy was called to the Denny’s on South State Road 57 in Oakland City just before 5 a.m. A witness told the deputy the couple left in their car and headed west on State Road 64.

The deputy caught up with the car matching the description in Francisco and pulled it over. The driver was identified as 23-year-old Sean Whitehead of Francisco, and the passenger was identified as 23-year-old Jennifer Dobbins of Princeton.

While speaking with the couple, the deputy said he noticed blood on Whitehead’s face from a gash on his forehead. The deputy also detected the odor of alcohol coming from Whitehead.

During the investigation, deputies determined Dobbins had been in the physical altercation at Denny’s. Dobbins was arrested and charged with battery. Whitehead was also arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.