The Owensboro pool at the center of much debate is staying open after more funding was found.

Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson announced that Cravens Pool will stay open this summer. The pool was on the brink of closing as the city faced a shortfall of up to $42 million the next four years.

The announcement made nearly an hour ago was met with applause by dozens of residents attending. Mayor Watson says $46,000 will be redirected from other areas in the budget, including from street and sidewalks repairs, and arts funding. He adds the deal gives city and Owensboro Public School officials more time to find a long term solution to the pool’s future. The city’s been operating the pool under a lease agreement on a year to year basis. Residents give credit to the hundreds who signed petitions and spoke to city officials about keeping cravens open.

”I was glad to hear about it,” said Deborah Posey Turner of Owensboro. “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. I was glad the people spoke up about it. It supplies the need for cooling for the kids in this neighborhood. It’s the only one, and they don’t have to walk further, or catch the bus. it’s right here in the neighborhood.”

City parks and recreation workers will start preparing the pool for its opening day. Mayor Watson says repairs still need to be done before it can open, as soon as May 27th.