Cremated remains found in backyard of home


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – An Owensboro family makes a bizarre discovery at a home that they recently moved in. Cremated remains were found buried in the backyard.

“I’m on the back of the fence one day, and the neighbor behind me said, ‘I understand they buried lady who was deceased in the backyard,” recalled William Marnhaut.

He said he was caught off guard when a neighbor told him cremated remains were buried in the backyard of the house he and his wife recently bought. Then he learned there was another.

“At that point, I thought this is not right. I would not have bought this home with anybody in the backyard, let alone having two people in the backyard,” he said.

Marnhaut also says the remains were of a couple who once lived at the home, and the wife buried her husband’s cremated remains first. Her’s were buried after she passed away more than a year ago. Marnhaut says he wasn’t told about it by anyone while his family was buying the house.

“My father was a funeral home director for 30 years in southern Kentucky, in a rural part of southern Kentucky,” he says. “If it’s a person in the caskets or cremation, that’s still was somebody. At some time, that was somebody and you respect that. And to just dump them in a hole in the ground and cover them up is not right.”

But funeral home directors say while the discovery of was unfortunate, no one did anything illegal. Kentucky state law says, “Cremated remains shall be disposed of by placing them in a grave, crypt, or niche; by scattering them in a scattering area; or in any manner on the private property of a consenting owner”. Marnhaut says the remains are being moved to another cemetery, and is talking with lawyers over what happened.

“You just don’t forget what you went through or what you saw,” says Marnhaut.

(This story was originally published on March 5, 2021)

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