VANDERBURGH CO., Ind (WEHT) — Following an investigation several months in the making, the Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as law enforcement in Evansville and Indianapolis, carried out a drug raid Tuesday morning.

We’re told authorities were searching for more than a dozen people, of which include Julian Green, Jeramey Smith, Hannah Kissel, Jordan Wilson, Timothy Rice, Achilles Johnson, Deonte Howard, Julie Hunt, Torrance Mimms, Keisha Jewell, Davion Hays, Jason Mitchell, Denny Taylor, Roman Wills, Michael Sanders, Gregory Snyder and Joshua Gahagan.

Authorities say one of them is still at large. All those arrested were people accused of dealing fentanyl and meth.

DEA’s drug indictment notes that Julian Green was the drug ring leader, distributing meth to Jeramey Smith in Indianapolis. Drug officials say Smith would further distribute to mid-level distributors, and so on.

Several people arrested in the raid conspired to distribute a sizeable amount of substances that included fentanyl. Gregory Markey manufactured counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills, which were given to Jeramey Smith and Hannah Kissel for further distribution, officials say.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office tells us several locations were raided including one location in Henderson, one in Newburgh, one in Princeton, and nine locations in Vanderburgh County.