ALBION, Ill. (WEHT) – The Edwards County Sheriff’s Department (ECSD) says an old scam has returned, and the scam involves claims that a loved one has been arrested and needs bail money.

ECSD says some people in Edwards County have received calls from someone claiming to be a relative like a grandchild. Deputies say the scammers claim to have been arrested for a serious charge such as possession of drugs and are needing bail money. Law enforcement officials say the scammers are telling the victims of this scam that they are in another state like California and need cash money shipped to them overnight to get bonded out of jail.

Law enforcement officials say the perpetrators of this scam seem to have enough information about the victim’s relative supposedly under arrest to make the call believable. ECSD say the scam specifically targets the elderly.

ECSD says people should tell the caller they are hanging up and calling their local police department, then get in touch with the relative that is supposed to be in trouble. Law enforcement officials say these scammers will put someone on the phone representing themselves as a police officer and will get belligerent if you stay on the phone and question them.

Deputies say people should not be a victim, and should instead hang up and call ECSD. Law enforcement officials say they will check the situation out to see what is really happening.

ECSD can be contacted through (618) 445-2721.