EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Two have been taken into custody after an infant was found living in the same home where narcotic drugs were allegedly being manufactured.

On Thursday around 4:30 p.m., detectives say they conducted a search warrant of a home in the 2300 block of E. Walnut Street. Officials tell us 33-year-old Chelsea Arndell lived in the residence with her less than one-year-old infant.

According to Arndell’s affidavit, detectives found a pill press while looking through her house. Arndell told detectives she had manufactured fake pills with a chemical purchased overseas, police say.

Police tell us that shortly before they talked to Arndell, they arrested Elisha Dillingham on the street in front of the address. Detectives say they saw him on her property, and that Arndell had an active protective order against him. Police also say that Dillingham is the father of Arndell’s child.

When police asked Arndell if Dillingham was involved with pressing or manufacturing pills, she allegedly told them he was not. Along with pill press, detectives say a handgun was found in the home.

Detectives tell us they tested powder near the pill press, and it tested positive for fentanyl. EPD detectives believe the press had been used to manufacture both counterfeit fentanyl pills and suspected Alprazolam pills.

“Manufacturing fentanyl or any counterfeit pill is extremely hazardous and exposure can result in death,” it states on Arndell’s affidavit. “Both Arndell and Dillingham allowed their child to live in a residence where counterfeit controlled substances were being manufactured.”

Cheslea Arndell’s charges include:

  • Controlled Substance – Dealing Schedule IV Substance
  • Family Offense – Neglect of Dependent/Child Violations
  • Controlled Substance – Dealing Cocaine or Narcotic Drug

Elisha Dillingham’s charges include:

  • Family Offense – Invasion of Privacy
  • Family Offense – Neglect of Dependent/Child Violations