EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The Evansville Police Department had a lot on their hands Friday as several fraud crimes were reported throughout the city.

According to EPD’s media report, at least four separate victims contacted police after unrelated fraud incidents.

On Friday, Liberty Federal Credit Union contacted authorities and reported that a man and a woman came into the bank the previous day and were given $2,000 fraudulently after presenting fake ID’s.

Later that day, a 73-year-old man reported that he lost a payment card and later found charges onto his account that amounted to around $400. The suspect allegedly made purchases at Lowe’s, Walmart and a gas station.

Another victim called police and reported that they had been defrauded in a collections scam, losing over $800 in the process.

According to EPD, an employee of “Check into Cash” reported to police that a fraudulent check had been cashed the previous month. The business tried to call the suspect several times, but police say the suspect blocked the company’s number and refused to call back.

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