EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Evansville Police Department (EPD) says that a man who falsified his name also got drug charges later that same day.

According to EPD, On March 7, around 3:30 p.m., Detective S. King saw a gold car north on Ingle Street fail to signal as it turned onto the Lloyd Expressway. EPD says Detective J. Patterson executed a traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of Lloyd Expressway and Wabash Avenue. EPD says that Detective Patterson approached the driver and got her driver’s license, which revealed her to be Kelsey Allison. Detective Patterson recognized Allison’s passenger as Jourdan Dabbs, who had a felony warrant for Possession of a weapon in Warren County, says EPD.

EPD says Detective Patterson asked Dabbs who he was, and Dabbs told him that his name was Stedman Dabbs. EPD notes that such a name belonged to Dabbs’s deceased brother, Stedman Baird/Dabbs. EPD says Detective Patterson had Allison exit the car and speak with him. Detective Patterson asked Allison what her passenger’s name was and she told him that his name was Stedman, says EPD. EPD says that the detective believed Allison gave the name Stedman in an attempt to hide Dabbs’s true identity.

EPD says both Allison and Dabbs were placed in handcuffs by officers and placed in a patrol car. Detective Patterson and a law enforcement officer named John Montgomery conducted a inventory of the vehicle, says EPD. EPD says that Detective Patterson located a small plastic cup with yellow wax substance, while law enforcement officer Montgomery noticed three burnt marijuana roaches. EPD also notes that there were two cell phones in the area of the console.

EPD says law enforcement officer Montgomery observed white powder that appeared to have fallen down the side of the console and onto the carpet, and was suspected to be cocaine. EPD says the powder was tested and it was confirmed that it was indeed cocaine. EPD says the vehicle was then towed to Tri State Towing pending recovery of the white powder from the carpet. EPD says that in this particular affidavit, Jourdan Dabbs was charged with False Reporting; False Informing.

EPD says that later that day, on a different report, law enforcement officer Matthew Knight picked up the case. EPD says that on this report, prior to March 7, EPD learned that Dabbs had a felony warrant for weapons charges from an outside agency. EPD confirms in this report that Dabbs and Allison were indeed arrested after a traffic stop. EPD says that due to the evidence from the traffic stop, they requested a search warrant for a residence on Forest Avenue. EPD says that on March 7 the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Drug Task Force (EVCDTF) obtained a search warrant for the residence in question.

The following items were found within the residence, according to EPD:

  • 9 plastic baggies containing a white powdery substance that field tested positive for Cocaine and Fentanyl. F/W of the baggies: 4.0 grams, 3.9 grams, 3.7 grams, 2.7 grams, 1.0 gram, 0.9 grams, 0.9 grams, 0.9 grams, & 0.9 grams for a total of 18.9 grams.
  • Various packages containing a green leafy substance that field tested positive for THC. F/W 60.1 grams total weight.
  • 4 digital scales. 2 scales had white residue that tested positive for Cocaine and 2 scales had Marijuana residue.
  • A box of plastic baggies that were photographed.
  • Several items of paraphernalia.
  • $41 in U.S. Currency from the residence. (in addition to the $655 in U.S. Currency in Dabbs’ possession at time of the traffic stop)

According to EPD’s press release, law enforcement officer Knight believed that the evidence seized is indicative of dealing Cocaine and Fentanyl, as well as Marijuana. EPD says that law enforcement officer Knight believed that several individual baggies of Cocaine and Fentanyl, empty baggies, digital scales with cocaine and marijuana residue, and U.S. Currency indicated that Dabbs and Allison were dealing in controlled substances. EPD’s press release says that Dabbs was charged with Controlled Substance – Dealing Cocaine or Narcotic Drug.