UPDATE – EPD have arrested 46-year-old James F. Payne for battery with a deadly weapon. Police say the victim was the clerk of Circle K.

Officers say that Payne came behind the counter at the Circle K and asked where the knives were at. The victim said he did not know how to answer according to a report sent to Eyewitness News by EPD.

The report says that Payne told the victim he was sorry and then hit the victim with a long slender metal object. The victim believes that the object was a large wrench according to officers.

Police say that Payne asked the victim where knives were a second time. The victim answered he was confused and was struck in the head a second time according to a police spokesperson.

Officials say that Payne then left the Circle K. The victim suffered two cuts to his head that had been bleeding but did not go to the hospital according to authorities.

EPD says that the victim described Payne as having a distinctly square face. The police already had an idea of the suspect and showed photos of six subjects to the victim according to officers on the scene.

A police spokesperson says that the victim immediately identified Payne as the man who attacked him. Police located Payne and found a wrench in his possession according to EPD.

Police say that Payne was wearing clothing that matched video pulled from the cameras at Circle K. Payne is being held at the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center on a $5,000 bond.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Evansville Police (EPD) says officers were called out to the Circle K at the intersection of Fulton and Columbia after a man says he was attacked with a weapon. Authorities says officers arrived on the scene around 11 p.m. on May 20 and found a man bleeding from the left side of his head.

Officers say the victim claims a large black man wearing a black t-shirt, tan or camo hat, jeans, and a backpack hit him in the head several times. The victim believes he was attacked with a large wrench according to a news release sent by EPD to Eyewitness News.

The release says the suspect fled the scene before officers arrived. The Accident Investigation Unit and Crime Scene detectives were called to the scene says a police spokesperson.