WARRICK CO., Ind (WEHT) The man accused of helping Anthony Wolfe, Jr kill Valarie Ruark took the stand Tuesday and gave yet another version of events that led to Ruark’s death in April 2019. Her burned body was found in a field near Elberfeld.

Wolfe also took the stand Tuesday, but only to plead the fifth. He had previously been found guilty of murder, abuse of a corpse, and obstruction of justice back in May. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison.

The prosecution has previously said that Wolfe and Baumgartner believed Ruark was a police informant and that’s why they killed her.

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Anthony Wolfe, Jr

Baumgartner says that wasn’t the case, and that Wolfe had just been upset because Ruark wanted her car back from him. Wolfe had been driving her car while she was in rehab at Stepping Stones. Ruark also was not an informant.

Baumgartner went on to say that while the three of them were heading back to Baumgartner’s house after picking up Ruark from rehab, Wolfe and Ruark were getting along. He says the two of them planned to do meth and have sex when they arrived.

At Baumgartner’s house, Wolfe and Ruark went to the garage and Baumgartner says he went into the house and got high. Then he heard a gunshot. When he went outside, he says Wolfe told him to go back into the house.

On his surveillance camera, Baumgartner says he saw Wolfe get into Baumgartner’s car and leave. When Wolfe returned 40 minutes later, Wolfe told Baumgartner he had killed Ruark.

Ivory Dewig

During cross examination, the prosecutor said Baumgartner had previously given three different accounts of what had happened, so which version should be believed? Baumgartner said, “the one I just told you.” When asked why he lied three other times, Baumgartner replied, “I didn’t want to be a snitch.”

This is the second week of Baumgartner’s trial. On Monday, his ex-wife, Ivory Dewig, testified against him. She said Baumgartner told her Anthony and Valarie got into a fight and Anthony beat her up and left her on the side of the road. Ivory was given 18 months of probation for obstruction of justice for her role in the case.