HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Law enforcement officials provided an update on the dog shooting investigation.

Officials say nothing at this time indicates the two killings are related. The first dog, Cheeto, was known to roam, and the other, Fancy, was known to only be out occasionally. It was noted that the caliber of bullets used in both cases was different, and Cheeto’s family is offering a reward for information.

Officials hope someone will come forward with information. Tip lines are available for people to either anonymously tip or have their names attached to a tip.


Law enforcement officials will soon provide an update on a case that involves a couple of dogs shot to death.

On Monday, Paul Bohlen made a social media post saying his dog Fancy was shot off of North St. Joseph Avenue. He says he came home around 4:00 to find his dog in the yard with two different gunshot wounds.

Another family says their dog was shot the night of November 2nd. Amber Seib says her family’s dog Cheeto was left in a ditch in the 8500 block of Boonville New Harmony Road. Cheeto passed away the next day.

More information soon to come.