EVANSVILLE, Ind., (WEHT) – A mistrial has been declared for Brandon Artis, a suspect in a murder, robbery and intimidation case.

Court officials say on February 14, the court was advised that there was inappropriate contact with the jury on February 13 at the end of the day. Officials say the jurors were questioned individually and argument was held, with the result being a movement for mistrial. Officials say the court granted a mistrial, and the jury was discharged.

The jury trial is rescheduled for March 6 at 8 a.m.

Artis was arrested in the death of 27 year old Trey McGillicuddy, and Artis was, at the time, recently arrested on drug charges. The shooting happened in a house in the 1500 block of Ravenswood Drive on August 27. Police say Artis kicked down the door, then shot McGuillicuddy in the chest.

A police affadavit claims McGillicuddy was a marjiuana dealer. Police say they conducted a search warrant on Artis’ residence on September 6. They say they found a belt matching the one stolen from McGillicuddy’s home, as well as safe containing vacuum sealed bags of marijuana and about $8,000 in cash.