EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) Thirty people between the Tri-State and Indianapolis have been arrested as part of a massive drug trafficking ring with connections to a Mexico-based drug trafficking organization.

According to court documents, Julian Green, 38, of Indianapolis was the leader of the organization that distributed large quantities of meth throughout central and southern Indiana. Green worked with Jeramey Smith, 32, of Indianapolis, and others who then distributed meth. Smith also worked with Nicholas Cabrera, 35, of Florida and Josh Wilson, 30, of Evansville to distribute meth. Both Wilson and Cabrera were federal prisoners at the time.

Much of the meth would be distributed to people in Evansville who would then sell the drug. Many of the people arrested were already convicted felons.

During the course of this investigation, investigations seized over 46 pounds of meth, over 700 grams of fentanyl, 30 firearms, over $300,000 in U.S. currency, six vehicles, and a pill press.

These people were arrested as part of the drug raids:

  • Julian Green, 38, of Indianapolis
  • Jeramey Smith, 32, of Indianapolis
  • Nicholas Cabrera, 34, of Mulberry, Florida
  • Jordan Wilson, 29, of Evansville
  • Timothy Rice, 32, of Evansville
  • Achilles Johnson, 37, of Evansville
  • Deonte Howard, 33, of Evansville
  • Julie Hunt, 34, of Petersburg
  • Torrance Mimms, 31, of Evansville
  • Keisha Jewell, 34, of Princeton
  • Davion Hays, 35, of Evansville
  • Jason Mitchell, 40, of Henderson, Kentucky
  • Denny Taylor, 46, of Princeton
  • Aaron Hardiman, 39, of Princeton
  • Roman Wills, 40, of Evansville
  • Michael Sanders, 40, of Owensboro, Kentucky
  • Gregory Synder, 59, of Evansville
  • Joshua Gahagan, 38, of Evansville
  • Gregory Markey, 32, of Indianapolis
  • L.C. Moore II, 28, of Indianapolis
  • Dominique Baquet, 28, Indianapolis
  • Antonio DeJarnett, 33, of Evansville
  • Ryan Pinkston, 39, of Evansville
  • Robert Embry, 43, of Evansville
  • Becky Edwards, 36, of Evansville
  • Edward Meredith, 56, of Evansville
  • Tabitha Seabeck, 28, of Mt. Vernon
  • Zachary Addison, 39, of Evansville