NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) — The Newburgh Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating 41-year-old Cassandra Head. She is wanted for questioning in connection of the death of 63-year-old Curtis (Curt) Bradley according to a police spokesperson.

Eyewitness News spoke with Newburgh Police and Bradley’s sister, Melinda Mitchell. She says her brother was trying to help a friend.

“He let her come live with him and give her shelter, food, and transportation. She had lost all her identification,” she said.

Mitchell and the police confirmed that Bradley’s autopsy results revealed that he died of natural causes after Thanksgiving last year. Bradley had a history of heart-related illnesses according to Mitchell. But Head didn’t call 911 to alert anyone to his death. Instead, police say she stole from him, including family heirlooms.

“A pocket watch I believe was from his grandfather. There’s a lot of things missing. I got him a blanket for his birthday last October and she even took that,” Mitchell said.

A police spokesperson says that following an investigation, Head allegedly used Bradley’s debit and credit card, stole $4,000 worth of items, and his cat.

“The Newburgh Police Department drove to Owensboro to get my brothers cat back,” Mitchell said.

Now, Mitchell wants closure.

“I want the public to help find this woman and get her brought in. There are questions that needs to be answered. And it is unfair that she is walking the street and probably using the computer she stole from the house and just living life,” she said.

According to the Newburgh Police Department Facebook page, Head currently has a Felony Warrant for Theft. The last known address for Cassandra Head was Owensboro, Kentucky.

Police say they have received several tips about where she could be. They have also talked to her on the phone but have not been able to locate her.

Information regarding Cassandra Head may be emailed to Sergeant Ryan McIntosh with the Newburgh Police Department at: or through