EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Local and federal officials were in Evansville at a news conference to update the public on the large-scale drug trafficking ring that took place over multiple states. Thirty individuals involved in the ring face federal charges, including one who is still on the run, L.C. Moore.

“He is a fugitive, and he needs to be held accountable for his role in the fentanyl distribution that was occurring in this investigation. So, we’d like to bring him in and hold him accountable for what he’s done,” says Michael Gannon, Assistant Special Agent In-Charge with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Investigators seized a significant amount of cash and drugs in the raid, as well as a pill press, which Gannon says would have been able to produce around 5,000 fentanyl pills in one hour.

“Significant seizure, the pill press. And of course the amounts of dope we seized in this, and the guns that we took off the streets in this investigation,” says Gannon. “When you take over 30 guns, 40 pounds of methamphetamine, 3,700 fentanyl pills, that’s a big win for the community.”

Gannon also states that fentanyl is a huge problem not just locally, but across the state of Indiana as well. Officials say the success of taking this drug ring off of the streets is a testament to the teamwork of all agencies involved.

“You got guys trying to be chemists and put stuff out,” says Gannon. “Could you imagine if they were successful in doing that? Like how many lives we probably saved just taking off organization? It’s a significant win for us and the community.”