EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) made several arrests Tuesday after an Evansville home was delivered a packaged filled with pounds of methamphetamine.

VSCO says UPS reached out to detectives after coming across a “suspicious package”. The package was shipped from the Los Angeles area, deputies say, and the sender had paid up to $300 to have it shipped early next-day. According to an affidavit, the person listed as the recipient was unknown and did not live at the delivery address.

Deputies tell us a detective brought their K-9 to the UPS warehouse to sniff the parcel, and the K-9 gave positive indication that narcotics were inside. After receiving an approved search warrant, VCSO says they discovered picture frames filled with suspected methamphetamine inside the package. The weight of the narcotics came out to be a hair over 3 pounds, deputies say.

Law enforcement officials received a search warrant to search the address listed on the package and devised a plan, the affidavit reads. According to officials, detectives began physical surveillance of the 200 block of Oak Street, where the package was set to be delivered. Deputies say officials delivered the suspicious package to the doorstep of the apartment.

Detectives tell us they saw a female, later identified as Patricia Minor, step outside and grab the package before walking back in. As stated by VCSO, law enforcement officials were met by resident Blenda Lundberg at the door. They say once she saw the uniformed law enforcement officers, she abruptly closed the door and went back inside. Officials say they were announcing themselves as they approached.

That’s when deputies say they forcefully breached the door, giving loud commands to the occupants to come outside. Several people in the home were seen going out the back, and deputies state those individuals were detained. According to law enforcement document, a sweep of the home had officers come across Colin January sitting on a toilet, pretending to be oblivious. He allegedly told officers that he was using the restroom, and that’s why he didn’t leave the apartment.

Deputies say a firearm, numerous cell phones and multiple glass smoking devices with residue were found in the residence. Detective say Minor told them she didn’t know what was in the package, but was paid by January in the past for allowing him to have packages shipped to her home address in Evansville. Minor allegedly acknowledged she suspected drugs were in the package and had opened it. Additionally, detective say she told them that January had sold her illegal drugs in the past.

According to the sheriff’s office, Lundburg admitted that she knew a package was being delivered that day and had talked about the package’s arrival with Minor over text. Deputies say January refused to sign an advice of rights form, stopping the interview once detectives started challenging his statements.

January and Minor were arrested and transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail for dealing methamphetamine. Lundburg was also lodged in the jail for maintaining a common nuisance.