HARRISON CO., Ind. (WEHT) — New information has emerged following a shootout along an Indiana highway that left an Owensboro man and a volunteer firefighter dead. Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk held a news conference Wednesday, providing new details of what police believe happened that night.

According to Schalk, an officer with the Palmyra Police Department responded to a stranded motorist, identified as Justin Moore of Owensboro, along Highway 135 Monday night. Shortly thereafter, he says volunteer firefighter Jacob McClanahan also arrived on scene with his co-worker to help direct traffic.

The officer asked Moore if he had any weapons in his car, the prosecutor says, to which Moore told the officer he did not. Officials state that Moore claimed he had a knife on him and that the officer asked him to put it back into his vehicle. That’s when the situation soon became deadly.

“As soon as Mr. Moore reached inside of his vehicle, he pulled out a shotgun, immediately firing a round at the officer, narrowly missing him,” said Prosecutor Schalk. “As the officer and Jacob attempted to retreat, Mr. Moore fired a second round, this time at Jacob, fatally wounding him.”

Schalk states that the officer returned fire, shooting and fatally killing Moore. The prosecutor describes Moore’s actions as “senseless”.

“I have watched this body camera footage more times than I would like to — trying to make sense of a senseless killing,” said the prosecutor. “In a civilized and decent society, people shouldn’t be killed for simply helping out. However, there was nothing decent or civil about Mr. Morris’ final moments.”

“The body camera footage made it very clear that he was determined to kill, and he acted with a depraved indifference towards human life,” Schalk said.

According to the prosecutor, the video footage clearly showed that the officer was justified in his actions and decision to use lethal force.

Indiana State Police says the investigation is ongoing.