WHITE CO., Ill. (WEHT) – The White County Sheriff’s Department caught a man with active burglary and theft warrants.

WCSD says Deputy Jordan Weiss, while on patrol in Enfield, noticed a black motorcycle with a male driver and female passenger driving south through the intersection of Main Street and US Highway 45. Law enforcement officials say Deputy Weiss headed in the same direction and noticed the license plate on the motorcycle to be a temporary license plate.

WCSD says Deputy Weiss told Norris City Police Chief Dale of the motorcycle driving south on US 45 towards Norris City. Law enforcement officials say Chief Dale said that he would proceed North on US 45 to try to identify the driver as a person known to have a White County warrant. WCSD says the reason for this was because Deputy Weiss was behind the driver and could not confirm who it was.

Law enforcement officials say Deputy Weiss went behind the motorcycle on US 45, and it was near County Road 1000 North when the motorcycle passed Chief Dale. WCSD says Chief Dale was able to confirm to Deputy Weiss that Justin Simpson was the driver of the motorcycle.

Law enforcement says Deputy Weiss then turned on his siren, and Simpson continued driving the speed limit on US 45 until County Road 900 North. WCSD says Simpson then turned right on County Road 900 North then immediately on County Road 200 East, where he then stopped. Law enforcement officials say Deputy Weiss told White County Dispatch to run a check of Simpson’s drivers license.

WCSD says the female passenger, known to Deputy Weiss to be Oilivia Miller, stepped off of the motorcycle, which allowed Simpson to dismount the motorcycle. Law enforcement officials say that when this happened, Deputy Weiss spoke with Simpson and told him about the active White County warrant for burglary and theft. WCSD says Simpson stated he knew of the warrant, and Deputy Weiss placed Simpson under arrest and searched him for weapons and illegal items, and none were located.

Law enforcement officials say Deputy Weiss was informed by White County Dispatch that Simpson’s driver’s license was revoked. WCSD says Simpson was notified of the status of his driver’s license of which he stated he was aware.

WCSD says Chief Dale took Simpson to the White County Jail for the active warrant and Driving While License Suspended. Law enforcement officials say Deputy Weiss requested the motorcycle to be towed.