CARMI, Ill. (WEHT) – The White County Sheriff’s Department (WCSD) arrested someone accused of identity theft.

WCSD says on May 25 around 11 a.m., Reporting Officer Sergeant Spencer responded to the White County Probation Office located at 307 East Cherry Street to find Nina L. Hankins. Law enforcement officials say they heard Hankins was located in the office.

WCSD says Sergeant Spencer was told Hankins had a White County warrant for her arrest. Law enforcement officials say Sergeant Spencer verified the active warrant and met with Hankins and Hankins stated she was aware of the warrant. WCSD says Hankins was told that the charge listed on the warrant was identity theft and the bail amount listed on the warrant was $5,000.00. Law enforcement officials say that includes a $500.00 cash bond, plus $75.00 FTA fee, plus $20.00 booking fee. Law enforcement officials say Hankins stated she understood the charge listed and the required cash bond amount.

WCSD says Sergeant Spencer then took Hankins into custody and escorted her to the White County Jail and provided Hankins with a copy of the White County warrant. Hankins was processed for the appropriate charge and held pending posting of the required cash bond, says WCSD.