Henderson, Ky (WEHT)– Patriotism and appreciation are on display in Downtown Henderson. Central Park is full of thousands of crosses, honoring local veterans.

It all start started back in 1946 with 286 crosses in Henderson’s Transylvania park. Now there are thousands of crosses, 5,861 to be exact.  Each cross has a name of a Henderson County veteran, including Mike Driskell’s dad and uncles.

“A big part of your history is family history,” he said,

Now, he shares his family history with his grandkids and great grandkids.

“That way they know who they are. They never met them, but they know who they are and what they did,” Driskell said.

Bud Evans also visits every year for a trip down memory lane.

“My cousin, his name was Tom. We were really close, and I loved him. And my dad is down here. They were living just like you and I are now, and now they are just a memory. I have good memories of my dad and Tom,” Evans said.

Mary Jo Schmuck Branson takes a yearly walk through the display, like she has since she was a little girl.

“The crosses and all the work that goes into it- and they were playing taps last night. It was just a beautiful moment,” she said.

The crosses will remain standing until after Memorial Day and taps will be played every night at sunset.