Crossroads Christian Church is opening a new location on Evansville’s west side in September.

CCC is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year and will be on the move again as they open the new location on September 10.

Crossroads Lead Pastor, Patrick Garcia says,

“Even with all the great churches in the area, statistics tell us that if every person in our region was involved with a church, there wouldn’t be enough churches to support them. We at Crossroads feel the tri-state area is a great place to live, work, play, and worship. And we believe that the people of the tri-state deserve every opportunity to connect with a church family close to where they live.”

Crossroads believes the launch of a new location is another way the church will help those that want to be involved in the community.

Crossroads West Campus is located at 2240 Bismark Avenue, on St. Joe Avenue, just across from Helfrich Golf Course.

The first Sunday service will begin on Sunday, September 10. Find out more about the west campus events and service times by clicking here.

(This story was originally published June 2, 2017)