Customers, Stores React to Failed Sunday Liquor Sales Bill


An effort to make Sunday liquor sales legal for Hoosiers fails Tuesday in the Indiana legislature. The bill would have lifted the 80 year-old ban on Sunday sales in Indiana stores. But negative side effects caused support to fade.

Customers say it only makes sense to have Sunday sales when you can get alcohol on Sundays at bars and restaurants, but the stores say it’ll cost them too much money to sell alcohol on Sunday.

It’s bad news for people like Michael Negron, who says the law doesn’t make sense. “You can go to a bar on Sunday and drink, so I don’t feel there should be any difference,” he says.

But it’s good news for the bottom line at stores, like Northside Liquors in Evansville. “We wouldn’t get too much business,” says Brett Cason at Northside, “Monday is our dead days. I can imagine Sunday being the exact same.”

The bill’s sponsor says it doesn’t have the votes to pass, but there is still a slim chance it could be inserted into another bill to make the through. However, supporters say they don’t believe that will happen.

If the bill passed in its current form, it would force changes to grocery stores, moving stock behind the counter and adding traning to employees. “We would have to have at least one person every day at all times here,” says Wesselman’s manager Cassandra Baker, “Right now you only have to be 19.”

Baker says Wesselman’s “would be losing out more than we would gain,” and one extra day of sales wouldn’t be enough to make a profit.

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