Cuzco, In. (WEHT)- Severe weather struck Dubois County overnight. The storms left hundreds without power—leaving a path of destruction throughout the county.

Severe weather has torn through Dubois County overnight. This storm comes a month after a tornado just down the road took the life of a county resident.

In the midst of tragedy, it’s easy to feel knocked down, discouraged, disheartened, and ask “why me?” But for this Dubois County man, getting back up is the only option.

“We just circled up, said a prayer, and thanked God for getting us through this. I feel blessed that all of us are still here,” says Chris Stevens.

Stevens says it was around 1 o’clock this morning when he and his wife were jolted awake by the sound of their screen door slamming against their house and they knew something was wrong.

“We jumped up and I kind of helped her get over to the closet. As I was on my way out to go get our other four kids, two of them met me in the hallway, so I shuffled them back to her. I took off to head up the stairs and when I got to the front door, that’s when I got met with a lot of debris forcing its way around the seam of the door. It was deadbolted but stuff was still getting through. I screamed for my kids and my one son had actually woken up and ran across to get his sister. I pushed my wife into the closet and went to gather the other four children. The blue door is where her bedroom was,” says Stevens.

He says all there was to do-was wait, “It wasn’t until daylight that we actually got to see how bad it was”.

What they saw—would turn their world upside-down. Even in the midst of half their home being blown away, Stevens continues to find the light in the darkness. He says, “We just felt an overwhelming sense of relief that we’re all still here. We’ve had a great outpouring from the community so far… There’s a lot of rebuilding to do for the community, but I know we will come together just like we always have.”