Daviess Co. Teachers Visit Students


With school in Daviess County starting next Wednesday, teachers get ready to start the new year.

They’re visiting students at their homes.

Before students go to class, their teachers go to them.

“She knows all the teachers because they’re all kind of close to this area.,” says Laura Castlen, whose daughter starts Kindergarten this year.

“She’s a little nervous. Really excited,” she says. Castlen says these visits put her kid’s mind at ease.

“Just to be able to see faces she recognizes when she walks in to East View, it’s going to make it so much easier on her first day,” Castlen adds.

Teachers delivered back-to-school packets for parents. Some teachers visited as many as 40 homes during their visits on Wednesday.

“Now, when we go to the house, we can make that connection of whether they had a sibling before, or whether they had older siblings in high school that we may have had because we’ve had a lot of the students that have go on and have had successful careers,” says East View Elementary School teacher Jane Dunn. She says visiting homes is better for both her, and her students. It lets her know a student’s family better, and eases any worries the child can have before the start of school.

“They come, and it’s not a shock that first day. It’s not all new. We have familiar faces already, so its like they already belong to us,” says Dunn. “So, it’s already a family environment. They feel like we belong to them, and they belong to us.”

“I think it is easier for the transition, especially for the Kindergartner,” adds Castlen. “It’s new for them. So, it’s a great program.”

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