Daviess county conducts live fire evolution training


SORGHO, Ky. (WEHT) – If you live in the Daviess county area and saw flames shooting in the sky tonight, it’s because Kentucky state fire and rescue training and the Airport-Sorgho fire department teamed up for a fire evolution training event.

About 40 firefighters from all over Daviess county came to Sorgho elementary school to experience a propane truck accident fire — an explosion that could be catastrophic.

Officials say if the metal the propane is stored in gets weak from heat, the pressure inside could make the tank blow up.

“So, what we’re going to do tonight is teach them how to attack that fire, how to approach that fire, how to use the proper water streams to keep that tank cool and keep that explosion from happening,” said Chris York, of state fire rescue.

Similar trainings are put on several times a year, and firefighters here tonight tell me this provides them a first hand, potentially lifesaving experience.

“When you see that flying shooting is probably shoot 100 feet in the air. And you know, you can feel the heat through your turnout gear, and you see the ground start to smoke around you, you know, it is kind of intimidating,” said Casey Hamilton of Whitesville.

This burn evolution simulation allows them to draw on this training if they are ever fighting a propane fire in real life.

“You’ll hear the hissing and the loud roar, you know, of the of the propane as it emits itself out into the atmosphere. So it’ll be it’ll be loud, it’ll be noisy. If we don’t get a call from someone nearby that says, I hear this noise. I’ll be surprised,” said Pat Thompson of Airport-Sorgho fire department.

This propane is the same gas many have in their backyard grill, Thompson says tonight’s training should be a reminder to everyone with summer approaching.

“And a lot of times, people don’t maintain their gas grills as they should by cleaning them out and cleaning the bottom out. And that’s where we end up having those types of emergencies where you get a fire going inside the grill, and it works this way down to the tank,” Thompson added.

(This story was originally published on April 14, 2021)

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