DAVIESS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – The Red, White and Blue Forum allowed candidates at both the local and state levels were given time to speak. Kentucky attorney general and now governor candidate Daniel Cameron took this chance to explain to local residents what changes he wants to implement if he wins office.

“Work with our big cities to give them the resources that they need and to make sure that our Kentucky State Police post are engaged in this fight, because that’s what it is,” said Cameron. “It’s a fight to get violent crime under control. It’s a fight to rid our streets of drugs. I’m ready to lead and lean into this issue.”

For Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams he says he wants to continue the progress he feels has already been made.

“I didn’t believe, number one, that I was going to win last time were, number two, that I would be able to implement early voting, photo I.D. to vote paper ballots for every voter in the state, explained Adams. “I’m actually amazed at how much we’ve been able to do in four years more than our predecessors did in 200. I want to keep the progress going,” Adams added.

Owensboro city commissioner candidates also spoke about changes that can be made directly in their communities.

“I’m willing to achieve the things that people may feel like is unfeasible regarding our youth, our seniors, our veterans, our infrastructure, our economic development,” said Willis. “I’m willing to work with the city manager on a very close scale to understand our budget and what needs to be done here inside of the city of Owensboro.”

For Jerry Ray Davis who is also running for Owensboro city commissioner he took the opportunity to highlight goals of his own if elected into office.

“One is our senior citizens center,” stated Davis. “Our seniors are very important, we need to support our veterans. If not for them, we wouldn’t have us sitting there. The core and our youth,” Davis added. “We have issues with our youth. We need to work on crime. We need to work on developing our youth, give them opportunities and make them want to stay in Owensboro as they get older.”

All local and state level office seekers were invited to attend the event.