OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — The Daviess County Library’s Director, Erin Waller, revealed the library will not relocate over 200 titles following a book audit that began in August.

The decision was made at the library’s October Board meeting and received the support of the entire board.

The Daviess County Citizens for Decency made the request to the library in August, The organization says they discovered books in the teen section they felt contained age-inappropriate and pornographic materials.

As a compromise, although the full list of titles won’t be relocated to new corresponding sections, the library has decided to make two other changes; They will create an optional limited access card for juveniles. They also plan on changing the name of the “Teen” section to the “Young adult” section.

Several parents expressed varying concerns. Some agree with Waller’s decision to not relocate materials as they believe it will create a sort of avalanche into restricting other things for the community. Others believe the subject matter of the titles limit parents’ ability to introduce heavier topics in a way that feels appropriate to their household.

The executive director for the Daviess County Citizens For Decency, Jerry Chapman, says he appreciates the actions being taken and believes they indicate Waller understands there is a problem.

Chapman says the criteria for the new changes leaves room for more work to be done.

He says the new library card would limit a teenager’s choice to books in the children’s section. A section Chapman says is designated for 3 to 12 years of age.

Instead of protecting a teen’s rights to read the good literature the public library offers, Chapman feels the teen’s reading would be limited to “pop-up books”.

Chapman also feels the remaining books, in both the children’s section and the teen section, should be labelled with a sticker warning of the problematic text. This will allow parents to know at a glance what materials their child is being exposed to, even if there is no change to its location in the library.

The county library was reached out to in reference to the new changes, we received no response.