Daviess County prepares for Election Day


KENTUCKY (WEHT) – Election workers across Kentucky spent the day getting ready for Election Day.

Clerks in Daviess County set up polling stations, including at Century Christian church in Owensboro.

Daviess County Clerk Leslie McCarty says turn-out in the county could be at least 35%.

Three Daviess County precincts are testing some new voting machines as part of a pilot program.

They’re testing them for the state of Tennessee for potential use in their future elections.

“These machines are really neat. You fill out your ballot on the machine and then it verifies it and print it out, then scan it and there’s your vote.”

Clerk merged about 30 precincts earlier this year to limit the number of precincts at one voting place.

According to the Daviess Co. Clerk’s Office, the following precinct locations have changed for this Election:

Wendell Foster Center (old Precinct #7) will now vote at Life Community Church, 1101 Breckenridge Street

Settle Memorial Renewal and Outreach Center (old Precinct #9) will now vote at Life Community Church, 1101 Breckenridge Street

Cigar Factory Mall (old Precinct #14) will now vote at Owensboro High School (Rear Entrance of New Gym), 1800 Frederica Street

(Old Precinct #16- Lunchroom at Tamarack Elementary) will now vote at Immaculate Parish Family Center, 2516 Christie Place  ***Precinct #43 will still be in the main hallway of Tamarack Elementary School

(Old Precinct #23 at the Roosevelt House) will now vote at Owensboro Christian Church, 2818 New Hartford Road *** Precinct #22 will still vote at the Roosevelt House- includes residents of the Roosevelt House and surrounding apartments

First Presbyterian Church (old Precinct #25) will now vote at Owensboro High School (Rear Entrance of New Gym), 1800 Frederica Street

Sutton Elementary School (old Precinct #33) will now vote at Saint John’s United Methodist Church, 2160 Griffith Avenue

Precinct #36 will now vote at Owensboro Catholic School K-3 (Behind Lourdes Parish Hall)  ***Precinct #38 will continue to vote at Lourdes Parish Hall

Adams Village Meeting Room (old Precinct #37) will now vote at Owensboro Christian Church

(Old Precinct #40 which was one of the precincts that voted at the Owensboro Sportscenter) will now vote at Centre Court Indoor Tennis Facility, 2965 Bittel Road  ***Old Precincts #13, #26, and #27 will still vote there at the Sportscenter

(Old Precinct South Seven Hills that voted at College View Middle School) will now vote in the Cafeteria at Daviess County High School  *** Fields Precinct will remain at College View Middle School

Precinct #29 (Owensboro Middle School South) will be entering on the Scherm Road side of the building in the back due to construction changes – Signs will direct voters

Saint Martin’s Parish Precinct is accessible from Highway 81 North.  The barrier should be located off of the road so that you access the church.

Precincts #14 (OHS), #46 (DCHS Cafeteria), and Heartlands will be the precincts that will be using the new Verity Duo Voting Machines for this Election.  The Tennessee Election Board will be observing this system for their certification process.  These machines allow a voter to use a touch screen to make their choices, and then have them verify those choices, before printing a paper ballot that will then be scanned and secured in a ballot box.  This system prevents voters from over-voting, allows for opportunity to notice more of the particular races on a ballot, and produce a paper trail for all voting.

Polls open at 6AM on Tuesday.

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(This story was originally published on November 4, 2019)

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