EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Many golf fans have the dream of one day making it to Augusta National Golf Club to watch The Masters. But for those not in attendance, they’ll do the next best thing – hit the green in the Tri-State!

“Watching the Masters today, I’ve really got the itch to get out and play,” said Matthew Ladd, who made a trip to the Helfrich Golf Course on his lunch break. Glen Fehr says he took the entire week off of work to watch the tournament.

This year, Tiger Woods is back on the course in Augusta after 17 months of missing a PGA event after the car wreck in 2021 that nearly cost him his leg.

“I think it’s amazing for him to fight through everything he’s been through physically and mentally for him to come out and play the way he is,” said Fehr.

Many golfers say the Masters just wouldn’t be the same without Tiger.

“I think Tiger brings a lot to it as far as what he brings to the game and it’s good for it’s good for golf for him to be there,” said Terry Cardin. “And playing well for him would be just plus.”

“Tiger being back is something else for golf,” added Ladd. “The generation coming up and still seeing him perform at a level…he still can win any major he plays in and just to have him back will bring the game of golf up for sure.”

But the tournament is missing one key player. For the first time in 28 years, three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson is not competing, leaving many fans disappointed.

“It’s missing a little bit without him just because he’s always showed some fireworks while he’s there and everything so I wish he was there,” added Fehr.

“I think it’s sad and I wish he was there,” said Dave Shirley. “He’s fun to watch. He’s personable guy.”

“It’s sad. I’m left handed so always root for Lefty,” said Dennis Rodgers.

Some golfers said they were recording the Masters back at home and several said they were tuning into the tournament on their phone in between swings. And one day, maybe they will get to witness the greatness in person.