DAVIESS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office put out a press release updating the public about the suspect shot in the officer-involved shooting that occurred on September 23.

Police say they arrested Gregory Embry, 39, on October 6 after his release from the University of Louisville Hospital. Reports say the incident happened when deputies got a report about a man later identified as Embry, damaging several cars with a hammer before breaking into a house by smashing a window.

Police say Embry tried to attack a deputy with a hammer when he was shot.

According to the authorities, there was video surveillance of Embry allegedly smashing a television inside the house. Police say the footage also showed the suspect catching and strangling the woman who lived there.

Reports say the woman’s 17-year-old daughter walked into the room as the victim was being strangled and jumped on Embry to get him to free her mother. The mother and daughter then escaped outside their home according to police, while Embry broke into another residence where he was shot.

Embry has been charged with:

  • Attempted Murder of a Police Officer
  • Assault (2nd Degree)
  • Burglary (1st Degree)