INDIANA (WEHT) – A new drug is making its rounds on the streets across the country including in Indiana. According to the DEA, Xylazine is a powerful animal tranquilizer that has started to pop up more in overdose cases.

DEA agents in Indianapolis say they have found the drug in record levels cut with heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. Drug traffickers are using it as a marketing took to sell their deadly product.

According to officials, Narcan does not work for Xylazine because it is not an opiate. A Kokomo mother whose son died of an overdose three months ago knows the dangers of this new drug.

“I don’t want other moms to have to go through this. This is a terrible thing he’s 32 years old and he has the rest of his life to live,” says Falecita Rubow.

Xylazine can also cause skin ulcers and abscesses according to the National Institutes of Health.

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