EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Deaconess Health System has identified 23 “Wise Choice” items in 2023’s West Side Nut Club Fall Festival that are low in calories, sodium and saturated fat.

Some of what can be found this year are grilled chicken wraps, sugar-free lemon shake-ups and sugar-free blueberry bundt cake.

These snacks can be found at 11 booths throughout Franklin Street.

If you eat well 51 weeks out of they year, Deaconess says one week of eating high-fat and sugary snacks is okay.

“For most people, it’s okay to splurge a little bit,” Deaconess Clinical Dietician Alyssa Welte said. “This is one week out of the year, but for others with diabetes or heart disease, you do have to be more cautious. You can’t go all out here at the Fall Festival.”

A QR code is available where you can look at what is being served this year at each of the stands where Wise Choice snacks are.

Learn more about Deaconess and Wise Choice here.